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Supreme Court to Hear Plea on Gaggal Airport Expansion Project

The Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for a plea concerning the Gaggal airport expansion project in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district. This follows the stay imposed by the Himachal Pradesh High Court on the project, which was later halted by the Supreme Court on January 22. The matter resurfaced as the High Court, prompted by members of the Gaggal Airport Expansion Affected Society Welfare Committee, issued a stay order until February 29, encompassing various aspects like land acquisition, relief, and rehabilitation efforts, and structural demolitions.

However, the government argued against the halt, emphasizing the importance of expansion, especially for the Kangra facility. While acknowledging the High Court’s jurisdiction, the Supreme Court has intervened, temporarily lifting the stay while ensuring the continuation of the pending petition’s proceedings. The case underscores the complex interplay between development projects and legal oversight, with stakeholders navigating a delicate balance between progress and community welfare.