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Tamil Nadu Cyber Crime Wing Warns Public About E-commerce Fraud Scheme

The Cyber Crime Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police has issued a warning to the public regarding a new fraud scheme involving fake web links from well-known e-commerce companies. The scheme was uncovered after a customer reported being scammed through a fake Facebook post advertising discounted dry fruits, claiming to be from Big Basket.

The victim clicked on the link, which resembled the actual Big Basket website, entered credit card details, and provided a phone number. When a payment failure message appeared, the victim exited the site. Shortly after, they received a call from someone claiming to be from Big Basket, who instructed them to install an app.

The victim’s phone was then flooded with OTP messages and transaction alerts related to their credit card. The Cyber Crime Wing urged the public to be cautious of such URLs on Facebook and to make purchases directly from official websites to avoid falling victim to such scams.