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Tamil Nadu Government to Establish ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ Facilities in Textile Clusters

The Tamil Nadu government is taking proactive measures to combat pollution and ensure environmental sustainability by implementing ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ (ZLD) facilities in textile clusters. In collaboration with the Central government, the state is initiating the establishment of 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) and ZLD systems in Tiruppur, a prominent textile hub in South India.

Approximately Rs 703 crore has been allocated for this purpose. The state government also aims to address the disposal of accumulated salt from CETPs in Tiruppur through research efforts. To achieve this, a committee of senior technocrats and scientists has been formed to identify suitable technologies for the safe disposal of hazardous mixed salt waste.

The committee is actively finalizing these technologies and outlining Standard Operating Procedures for existing and new CETPs, ensuring their effective operation and maintenance. The accumulation of around 73,000 metric tons of mixed salt waste in Tiruppur’s CETPs has raised environmental and health concerns, prompting the urgent need for proper treatment facilities.