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Central Agencies Alert Tamil Nadu Police on Fake Passport Racket Following Arrest

After the recent arrest of a Bangladeshi national at Thiruvananthapuram airport in Kerala with a fake passport, central agencies have heightened their vigilance and informed Tamil Nadu state intelligence to closely monitor the growing fake passport racket. The arrested individual claimed that he was using the fake passport to travel to Sri Lanka and further to Europe for settlement.

However, police sources revealed discrepancies in his statement. Chennai and Madurai have been identified as key areas for previous fake passport cases. Tamil Nadu Police disclosed the presence of a significant group of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in the state, with some attempting to obtain fake passports to travel to Europe. Networks supporting illegal activities, including fake passports, are believed to have connections with the now-defunct LTTE, which is showing signs of revival.

Fake passport rackets continue to emerge due to demands from organized gangs. In May 2022, Chennai police arrested a gang involved in creating fake passports by altering expired ones. The investigation into these cases is ongoing, including questioning the kingpin of the racket. The arrest of a Bangladeshi national with a fake passport in Coimbatore months ago also raised suspicions about Chennai’s involvement in the racket.

Despite the decline of LTTE, there remains global interest in its revival for a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka, with Tamil Nadu as a key focal point for discussions. A senior LTTE intelligence operative, Santukam alias Sabesan, was apprehended in Chennai in 2021 for his involvement in a large drug smuggling operation.