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Tamil Nadu Welfare Scheme to Aid Families of Manual and Inter-State Migrant Workers

The Tamil Nadu Manual Workers (Construction Workers) Welfare Scheme, 1994, has introduced a fresh clause aimed at benefiting families of manual and inter-State migrant workers in case of accidents resulting in death. According to the clause, if a manual worker dies due to an accident at their worksite, financial assistance will be provided to their nominee or legal heirs for transporting the body to their native place.

This provision also applies to inter-State migrant workers. To qualify for the assistance, the accident must be solely and directly linked to the worker’s employment and should not involve intentional self-injury, suicide, intoxication, insanity, or breach of the law. The amount of financial aid will differ based on the location of transportation. For manual workers within Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, the assistance covers transportation costs within the state.

For inter-State migrant workers, it includes transportation costs outside Tamil Nadu, with either the government mortuary van/train’s actual cost or air transportation cost up to a maximum of ₹1 lakh, from the hospital to the worker’s native place in the respective state.