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Tamil Nadu Forest Department Captures Wild ‘Makhna’ Elephant for the Third Time

The Tamil Nadu forest department successfully captured a wild ‘Makhna’ elephant that was causing damage to crops in Saralapathy, near Pollachi district. This marks the third time in the past six months that the same elephant has been captured by the authorities. Initially captured in February 2023 from Dharmapuri, the elephant was relocated to Varagaliyur in the Ulanthy forest range.

However, it was later spotted in the city limits of Perur and subsequently captured again, this time released deep in the forest in Manambolly. Despite this, the elephant managed to reach the Saralapathy forest range, leading to its latest capture. A team of veterinarians tranquilized the elephant early in the day to facilitate the process.

The forest department received valuable support from local tribals, who are skilled in handling elephants, along with assistance from Kumki elephants. The captured elephant is known for regularly damaging crops in the Saralapathy area. The forest department intends to release the animal in Chinnakallar near Valparai after capture.