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TMC’s Abhishek Banerjee Celebrates BJP’s Defeat and Alleges Misuse of Power

Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee celebrated what he termed as the crushing of BJP’s arrogance and pride in the recent Lok Sabha elections. He accused the saffron party of misusing Central agencies, manipulating the judiciary, silencing the media, and influencing the Election Commission to maintain their hold on power.

Banerjee hailed the election as a manifestation of protest, resistance, and revenge, emphasizing that the people’s voice has left a lasting mark in history. He underscored the significance of the TMC’s performance in West Bengal, where they secured 29 out of 42 seats, a notable increase from previous elections. Despite the BJP-led NDA returning to power, Banerjee highlighted their failure to secure a majority independently, relying instead on alliances. He thanked voters in his Diamond Harbour constituency for their overwhelming support and pledged to repay it with transformative development.