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Training Wall at Ennore Creek Mouth Aims to Reduce Flooding in Northeast Monsoon

The Water Resources Department (WRD) is in the process of constructing a training wall at the mouth of Ennore Creek to mitigate flooding in areas along the Kosasthalaiyar River, including parts of the city, during the upcoming northeast monsoon. The project, which had been pending for nearly five years, is now 60% complete.

Similar to the training wall at the mouth of the Cooum River, this structure comprises boulders and tetrapods designed to direct river flow into the sea, preventing sand deposits and promoting faster tidal exchange. The WRD also plans to begin work on a 500-meter-long training wall on the northern side of Ennore Creek’s mouth by the end of October.

This initiative aims to improve floodwater drainage and provide better access for fishing boats, benefiting local fishermen and enhancing river cleanliness.