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Turkey Detains Suspects for Alleged Mossad Collaboration: Heightening Tensions

In a move exacerbating already strained relations, Turkish authorities have detained seven individuals suspected of selling information to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. The suspects are accused of tracking and monitoring local targets, with operations spanning Istanbul and Izmir. Turkish leaders had previously warned Israel of “serious consequences” if it pursued members of Hamas, a group not designated as a terrorist organization by Turkey, residing outside Palestinian territories, including in Turkey.

The arrests follow a pattern of increased tensions between Turkey and Israel, marked by public disputes since the conflict between Israel and Hamas last October. While Ankara has not made a formal statement regarding the detentions, state broadcaster TRT reported that the Mossad was allegedly utilizing private detectives to surveil targets. Last month, Turkish authorities detained 34 people suspected of links to Mossad and targeting Palestinians in Turkey, further heightening the geopolitical friction.