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UN Warns of Soaring Poverty in Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

The UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) has sounded the alarm, reporting that about 96 percent of Gaza’s population has fallen into poverty as a consequence of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. This marks a stark increase from Gaza’s 45 percent poverty rate in 2017-2018.

ESCWA’s Executive Secretary, Rola Dashti, emphasized that even if a ceasefire is reached and humanitarian aid is permitted to enter Gaza, the effects of poverty and deprivation will continue to impact a significant portion of the population for years to come.

The international community is now urged to take on the responsibility of ensuring the continuous flow of essential humanitarian aid to Gaza. Additionally, the UN official called for the development of a comprehensive recovery and sustainable development plan for Gaza, addressing not only immediate humanitarian needs but also the root causes of the recurring conflicts, as the violence continues to claim lives on both sides of the conflict.