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Voter’s door-to-door verification begins in Chennai for district election

The Chennai district election office has initiated door-to-door verification of voters in all constituencies of the city. Approximately 2 lakh duplicate entries are estimated to be present in the city’s electoral rolls. The verification drive aims to identify and remove these duplicate entries from the electoral rolls.

A total of 3,823 officials have been assigned to visit households in Chennai to gather data about voters in each family. The officials will assist residents in adding names to the electoral rolls, making corrections, and deleting redundant entries. The process is facilitated by a newly developed app designed for this purpose.

The door-to-door verification drive intends to ensure an accurate and up-to-date voter list for future elections. With the help of this initiative, the electoral authorities seek to improve the integrity of the voting process in Chennai. Once the verification is completed, the electoral rolls will be streamlined, ensuring fair and transparent elections in the city.