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Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted in Karnataka’s Belagavi Over Land Dispute

In a distressing incident in Karnataka’s Belagavi district, a woman has reported being sexually assaulted and confined by 20 individuals over a land dispute. The victim, who had approached the court regarding encroachments on her agricultural land, narrated that she was attacked by a group of 25 to 30 people while waiting at a bus stop.

She alleges that they assaulted her, pulled her hair, touched her private parts, and subsequently confined her in the panchayat office. During the ordeal, the assailants took her money, and mobile phone, and obtained signatures on documents forcefully.

The case, initially reported to the Bailhongal police station, has now been transferred to the Belagavi Women’s police station. Sources also suggest that the accused tore the victim’s clothes during the harrowing incident.