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‘York Fire’ Engulfs California and Nevada with Extreme Fire Behavior

A massive and ferocious fire is sweeping through the US states of California and Nevada, generating extreme fire behavior and giving rise to dangerous conditions for firefighting efforts. The ‘York Fire’, the largest wildfire in California this year, has already consumed a staggering 80,000 acres as of Tuesday. It started in the New York Mountain Range of California’s Mojave National Preserve on July 28 and spread into Nevada on Sunday, fueled by scorching temperatures and intensified winds.

The situation has been so dire that firefighters have encountered “fire whirls,” which are vortexes of flames and smoke formed by the combination of intense heat and turbulent winds, creating spinning columns of fire. Despite their relentless efforts, the blaze remains challenging to control. By Tuesday morning, the fire was only 23 percent contained.

The National Parks Service conducted an infrared flight to assess the fire’s size and activity, offering insights into the scale of destruction caused by this devastating wildfire. The situation remains critical, and authorities are working tirelessly to contain the fire and protect communities in the affected areas.