Cybersecurity to be ‘very complex’ with AI, M2M coming in

At a time when the technology landscape across the world is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity, the Cyber Security Chief of the Prime Ministers Office, Gulshan Rai says the new technologies will make the cyber security scenario “very complex”.

Talking of preparedness for the new challenges, Rai said countries across the world are preparing themselves.

“It’s going to be very complex,” the official said on the sidelines of an event here, adding that, “goalpost is changing every time (for the IT and data sector), so you have to prepare yourself and it is a regular exercise.”

Experts feel Artificial Intelligence would also help to enhance cyber security along with posing challenges to the cyber world. Globally countries have started finding ways to incorporate AI into cybersecurity measures.

A recent strategy laid out by Pentagon, which is likely to serve as a roadmap for the American military, said the defense machinery would focus on defensive cybersecurity of hardware and software platform as a pre-condition for secured usage of AI.

The new Pentagon Artificial Intelligence strategy, which serves as a roadmap for how the American military will embrace machine learning in future cyber operations, could be a boon for companies who invest in the technology.

“In order to ensure DoD AI systems are safe, secure, and robust, we will fund research into AI systems that have a lower risk of accidents; are more resilient, including hacking and adversarial spoofing,” a web portal fifthdomain.com quoted the Pentagon strategy as saying.

Regarding the safety of Aadhaar data, Rai, who has over three decades of experience in the IT sector, said that the data with UIDAI is secure and that the authority is taking all necessary steps to ensure its safety.

“Aadhaar biometrics are secure,” he said, adding that there cannot be anything 100 percent secure in the world.

On being asked about the reported hacking of Defence Ministry’s site last year, he said it was an incident of hardware failure and that it had nothing to do with hacking.

“They have made it more secure. There are no problems with the Defence Ministry website about a year after the incident,” he added.

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