E-gadgets are killing the books

Earlier people used book’s reference for any information, they used to visit the libraries but now just in one click information regarding everything is in their hand. Students used to open their books at least in school and colleges, but since this pandemic, everything has changed.

Yes, Covid-19 had a big impact due to which the demand for books has fallen while on the other side the demand for electronic gadgets like laptops, Android mobiles, iPads have risen.

Students demand android mobiles with new and latest features instead of new books. There is no other way for the parents other than to get them because their studies are dependent on those mobile phones. But, think about those poor parents for whom paying their child’s school fees is a tough job. How will they manage to get a smartphone? This is a serious issue that needs to be solved, and the government is conferring on this.

But as we know that every coin has two faces, the onset of e-gadgets has positive and negative impacts. We can see that we can save our time, work has been convenient, lots of information are available in just one click and much more. But, if we refer to the books, we have to spend a lot of time reading them to find the references. In the negative impacts, we can see that these technologies have led to several damages to our organs. Due to the blue rays emitted from the fluorescent screens and continuous usage of headphones, the children of small age groups have issues with their vision and hearing ability. The technologies are most promising, but we have to check how we utilize them positively and weed out the negatives.