Google Safety Center with 9-language support now in India

TO help users stay safe online in India, Google on Wednesday expanded its Safety Center to the country in nine languages.

The center has a wide range of tools and resources, right from basic security guidelines to information on important topics like data security, privacy controls and important tips for ensuring a family-friendly experience on the web.

The Safety Center will be made available in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu, Google said in a statement.

“The Google Safety Center is part of our ongoing commitment to give users tools and information so they know how their data is used in Google services, and they are empowered to stay safe online,” said Mark Risher, Director of Product Management at Google.

Google recently launched the Family Link app in India that aims to empower parents set digital ground rules by managing their Google Accounts, device and app usage.

“Users online or those coming online for the first time, need to be aware of the possible negative experiences that they may incur on the web. This makes it important for us to educate users and create awareness on the possible dangers and threats,” noted Sunita Mohanty, Director Trust & Safety at Google.

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