How do we utilize the best from our leisure time and the abundance of knowledge all around us?

Here are three learning apps which will help you keep updated and informative.
Every individual learns with their own pace as we all have different abilities, and capacities to understand things in our own way. It might take a minute to understand for some people while others may still struggle to interpret what the concept is actually about. However, life has become much easier with the invention of cell phones which allows us to have everything and anything almost on our fingertips.
Today in this article we will discuss about 3 learning apps which helps you being knowledgeable, informative and updated with worldly affairs.
App 1: udemy
This is one of the first app which provided free courses with a wide range and variety of courses including science to technology, cooking to languages , health to marketing and many more subjects are covered. Download and learn about your interest for free .
App 2: coursera
This app is nothing less than a school which have organized an old learning system along with modern pattern of understanding. It has a lot of different lessons and classes with almost 999-1000 courses to offer. It also has video content in it.
App 3: solo learn
For students who are a computer freak shall get the most use out of this app as it offers teaching in computer languages that too for free. It includes topics like html, python., java etc . Good news about this app is that it is absolutely free.