Unknown facts about Whale shark

The whale fish is one living thing that was considered considered rare and elusive for many years. Only a few fortunate divers had chance encounters with the huge animal and they were fascinated by experience. This fish has remained a mystery to fisherman, divers and scientists. Whale sharks are largely carnivorous, harmless to people and indifferent to divers. They are not aggressive and cruise the ocean feeding on concentrations of microscopic plants small fish and squid. This fish is a filter feeder which means it filter large amounts of plankton to eat through its grills as it swims though the water with its mouth wide open.
Giant hooks, which have strong lines attached to them along side huge barrels are used to trap and catch the whale fish. As the unaware fish comes to the surface to feed the hooks are plunged and firmly implanted in its open mouth. The flustered and terrified fish then dives into the depths of the ocean carrying the hook line and barrels with it. This process could go on, till the time whale fish gets bone-tired and because of the buoys attached to it, it comes up to the surface. It is then dragged with the help of strong ropes, to the fishing boats and then dragging them through shallow water up to shores. At shores, they cut the organs out, even if the fish was alive then . Thereafter its fins, skin , meat and cartilage is removed. Recently, study had revealed that huge number of whale fish were killed by fishermen every season
Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) has launched a campaign to spread awareness about this magnificent fish in an effort to conserve the species join hands with WTI to save the whale shark by spreading awareness about this gentle giant, fish and building support for its conservation.