Is global warming leading towards some serios consequences? Lets find out

Global warming is nothing but the long term heating of Earth’s surface which has been under observation before the industrial activities. It is found that many of the human activities like burning of fossil fuels, coal, gases etc. have been the main reason behind the cause of Global warming which leads to climatic changes and worsen the conditions of living and disrupts the eco system. Today in thus article we will be discussing a few consequences with regards to Global Warming.
1. Most modern technologies have bad effects that are both inevitable and uncertain, nearly all environmental issues from chemical contamination to global warming, are sudden results if these modern technologies.
2. Traffic congestion, deaths and injuries from automobile accidents, pollution and global warming are unintended effects of innovation and massive scale acceptance of the car..
3. Like almost all environmental students, we believe global warming to be an imperative and existential danger. We realize that replacing fossil- fuel structure is an enormous undertaking. But the latest National Climate Assessment , the government study predicting dire results from global warming, showed how ignoring the issue the issue would be more in the long term.
4. The old IPCC study in 2001, stated that failure to be would have global warming of up to 5.8aC by 2100. Dr. King stated the latest predictions painted the gloomier image because scientists have found feedbacks in the International carbon cycle that are contributing to the quantity of Co2 in the air. Earlier times say that could be sufficient to increase temperatures by at least another 1C by 2100.
Thus, Global Warming in my opinion is induced both by cause failure and physical life cycle of this world which is leading towards serious consequences and is not going to be fruitful in long run for this Earth and all the living beings on Earth.