Pollution from Urbanization

Pollution has is a long-standing problem in the world from a few decades. Pollution is something that is harmful to the environment and also to the humans because of the result. Pollution gets refer to when there are contaminants that pose harm to the environment and there are four main types.
1. Air pollution.
Air pollution refers to to when there are contaminants that shows harmful to the environment and there are four types of it. Air pollution refers to the harmful and toxic fumes in the air that is produced by the vehicles, factories, smoking, etc. Water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies by toxic substances, plastic, oil spills and many more.
2. Soil and land pollution.
Soil and land pollution refers to the wastage that we often leave on the land, and also the toxic substances that are seep into the soil and loss the fertility of the soil.
3. Noise pollution.
Noise pollution refers to unwanted or unpleasant noises. Noise pollution is often to be said that invisible and danger. Noise pollution is cannot be seen but it is present nonetheless, both on land and also under the sea. Noise pollution is considered to be any kind of unwanted or distributing sound that affects the health and well-being of humans and other organisms too.
4. Water pollution.
Water pollution is contaminated is contamination of water sources by substances which makes water harmful for drinking, cleaning, cooking, swimming and other activities which are done by presence of water. Water pollution includes chemicals, trash, parasites and bacteria. All the types of water pollution eventually makes water as polluted.
5. Radioactive pollution.
Radioactive pollution of the water, the water sources and air space is the result of the radio active fallout from the cloud of nuclear explosion. Radionuclides are the main sources of the pollution, they emit the beta rays, the radioactive substances.