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9 June 2022, Chennai: MGM Healthcare today hosted an awareness programme on the Prevention of Falls among the elderly. Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Honourable Thiru Ma Subramanian, was the Guest of Honour and Director of the hospital Dr. Prashanth Rajagopalan, along with   Dr Govindaraj AB, Director, and Senior Consultant of Orthopaedics inaugurated an exclusive Fall Prevention Programme for the elderly.


The fall prevention programme at MGM Healthcare is exclusively aimed at raising awareness on Fall Prevention by intensely working on outreach measures and providing counselling to the elderly. Health care providers of MGM Healthcare will visit each of the houses of the elderly enrolled in the program to identify and educate them on the impact of fall-related injuries.  The team of doctors will also provide the elderly with easy-to-do strength and balance training activities that would be remotely monitored by the MGM physiotherapists through Telerehabilitation programmes.


Dr AB Govindaraj, Director, and Senior Consultant of Orthopaedics at MGM Healthcare said, “Most people consider falls as natural and part of Life. Falls are not natural, can be devastating and yet is preventable. We at MGM Healthcare curated this programme aimed at seniors and caregivers to raise awareness of these facts. Brittle bone disease and Vitamin D deficiency are rampant in our society, which can add to the problem of falls and fractures. Our Strong bones program will identify those at risk and help them to overcome their deficiency.”




Dr Prashanth Rajagopalan, Director, MGM Healthcare said, “According to                the World Health Organization (WHO) global report on falls prevention, elderly fall about 28%–35% in each year and this proportion increases as age and frailty       level increase. This programme will provide extensive support to senior         citizens by identifying their health conditions and providing appropriate remedies.  MGM Healthcare takes pride in setting up a dedicated programme for the elderly.”


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