Choreographer Sathish Krishnan has eaten enough biryani for a month!

Actor and dance choreographer Sathish Krishnan, who was part of director Nelson Dilipkumar’s ‘Beast’, has in his own unique way thanked actor Vijay for a dinner party the actor recently threw for the core unit of the film.

The actor, who is known as much for his sense of humour as he is for his dance moves, took to Instagram to post his thank you message.

Posting a picture of the group clicked along with actor Vijay at the dinner, he wrote, “hi, Thanks Vijay sir for the wonderful time. Will cherish this always.”

The actor went on to humorously remark that he would not eat the Rs 100 biryani anymore as he had eaten enough biryani for the next one month.

The actor also spoke in a lighter vein about his pose in the group picture clicked on the occasion.

In the picture, the actor is seen lovingly admiring his food while the others look prim and proper.

Referring to this pose of his, the actor remarked in Tamil that he could have avoided such a pose but that realisation dawned late on him.

He went on to thank the entire team, saying, “I thank each and everyone in this picture for giving me BE(A)ST memories.”