‘Lock Upp’: Poonam Pandey recalls how her family was thrown out of housing society

Kangana Ranaut hosted ‘Lock Upp‘ is grabbing all the attention and one of the interesting elements of this show is revelation of intriguing and emotional stories by the contestants.
In a recent episode, Poonam Pandey broke down in tears when she remembered a story related to her family from the past.

Poonam shared an emotional story with Karanvir Bohra and Shivam Sharma. She even began to cry.

She recalled an incident that took place with her family three to four years back. During that time, she was with her whole family, where they all used to live together.

Poonam’s family was thrown out of the housing society because it was her family. Even none of the family members told her the reason why they were thrown out of society, because she was the only earning member.

Poonam even said that she never spoke anything evil or wrong to anyone, she was always busy with her own work.

She said: “I haven’t said anything bad to anyone till today, show me an article where I have said something wrong to anyone.”

Karanvir tried to console her. Poonam can’t control her tears because she had hear a lot of wrong things about her. She said that: “First try to know me first before saying anything wrong about me.”

On seeing her crying , Karanvir takes out a tissue and tried to wipe Poonam’s tears.