Short film is most challenging format: Sushant Singh

Actor Sushant Singh, whose short film “Wrong Mistake” has crossed two million views online, says it is the most challenging format in filmmaking.

“I feel short film is the most challenging format in filmmaking. From duration to budget, there is every possible constraint. And yet, you’ve to deliver a world class product.

“As far as digital platform is concerned, that’s the only platform today. It’s no longer the future of communication, it is the present,” Sushant, who has also acted in Bollywood films like “Baby” and “Hate Story 2”, told IANS.

“Wrong Mistake”, directed by Lakshmi R. Iyer and produced by Streetsmart Productions, stars Sushant, Achint Kaur and Amit Behl.

Sushant said: “Slow and steady, we’ve crossed the two million mark. Very happy for the whole team, ‘Wrong Mistake’ has proven to be not so wrong.”

The short, which released digitally earlier this year, is based on a true story.

“What’s the most interesting part is the idea of the film… it came from a random conversation with a friend Sonu from Bengaluru. It’s based on a true story…shocking but true,” said Iyer.

“Digital space has welcomed a lot of filmmakers including me and it’s the best thing that has happened in the last two years. I would like to thank my fantastic crew as a director as all have given me 100 percent support in every possible way,” she added.

She has also finished shooting another short film titled “Seasoned with Love”, starring Sudhanshu Pandey, Flora Saini and Richa Sony. Produced by iRealties, it is expected to release next year.

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