Red velvet banana pudding

Red Velvet Banana Pudding Form Combining two of everyone’s favorite – lately ignited red velvet cutlet and classic banana pudding, this pleasurable pudding form creates a decadent new dish that’s a perfect way to decompress over a lazy weekend at home. With layers of red velvet cutlet, bananas, and outgunned with brickle Choco chips, there is no way anyone can repel digging into this sweet indulgence!

Constituents of Red Velvet Banana Pudding:
14 oz candied condensed milk, 1 & 1/2 mug ice-cold water, a 3.4-ounce packet of Moment vanilla pudding mix, 8 oz cream rubbish (softened and cut into 8 pieces), 3 mugs heavy cream, one 9 x 13 – inch subcaste of red velvet cake, 4-5 Ripe bananas, 1 mug mini chocolate chips.

Red Velvet Banana Pudding making method:

1. In a small coliseum, on the medium speed of an electric mixer, mix the candied condensed milk and water until well combined, about 1 nanosecond.

2. Add the pudding blend and blend until there are no lumps and the mixture is smooth about 2 twinkles. Cover and chill for 3-4 hours or late.

3. Place the pudding admixture into the mixer coliseum with the whisk attachment, add the cream rubbish to the pudding blend. Mix until completely combined and smooth. Place in the refrigerator.

4. In a clean mixer coliseum with the whisk attachment scourge the heavy cream on medium speed for about one nanosecond until the cream starts to cake, also increase the speed to medium-high and scourge the cream until stiff peaks form. Be careful not to overwhip.

5. Precisely add the pudding admixture into the whipped cream and blend on low speed until well amalgamated and no stripes of pudding remain.

6. Cut the red velvet cutlet into 4- inch places. Cut each forecourt into ½” layers. Set away.

7. To assemble the pudding elect either a trifle coliseum or a wide glass coliseum with a 4-5 quart capacity. Spread a subcaste of pudding on the bottom and subcaste with enough slices of the red velvet cutlet to cover the subcaste, add sliced bananas to cover the cutlet, and sprinkle with 1/3 a mug of mini chips.

8. Continue layering with 1/3 the pudding mixture, another subcaste of cutlet, sliced bananas, and mini chips. Repeat one further time, ending with pudding.

9. Sprinkle the top with an atrophied red velvet cutlet and a teaspoon of mini chips. Cover tightly with plastic serape and allow to bite in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight before serving.