Revamp your workout style

Wearing trendy and comfortable outfits lends a different spirit to workouts, hence it is important to focus on comfort and appearance.

Jacqueline Kapur, Co-founder and President of Ayesha, and Abhinav Zutshi, COO of Splash Fashion India offer a style guide that you can add to your fitness regime.

* T-shirts: If you are looking to hit the gym on a regular basis, it is important for you to have a whole selection of t-shirts in your wardrobe. The most basic thing you can wear is round neck fitted t-shirts. You can even opt for printed or polo t-shirts. Always look for something that is relatively flexible.

* Track pants: Redefine comfort and style with good slim fit joggers or track pants. The fit of the track pants should be such that it is comfortable for you to exercise and at the same time should not be too long or loose. Team the joggers with a T shirt or stretchable yoga leggings and pants with a sports bra and a hoodie.

* Shorts: It is more often worn in summer season but are also in trend during winter. The shorts need to be flexible, airy and should be of knee length. There are certain styles of shorts that should be completely avoided to the gym like skin fits short, capris or three quarters and the boxers.

* Tank tops: Tank tops are always in trend. If you want to flaunt your body while working out or you want to wear the least to the gym, tank tops can be the right choice for you. Usually, tank tops are meant to those who prefer lose fit clothing but if you are not that bulky, you can try fitted ones too.

* Bracelets or bands: To add a tinge of accessory to your gym attire and still be able to workout in comfort, you can opt for bracelets. This is suitable option for men as well as women. This piece of jewelry is an extra accessory to add to your style to complement your outfit and not overpower it.

* Hairbands or headbands: Hair tends to be a major distraction while working out. However, you do have hairbands and headbands to your rescue that helps you serve major hair woes. So tie up your hair in style and gear up for an uninterrupted workout.

* Caps: Caps are a perfect option for bad hair days. It not only helps you cover your oily hair or bad hairstyles but also serves as a fashion statement. You can also wear your cap to keep your long hair down or sweat control.

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