The role of mass media in today’s world

The mass media includes newspapers, magazines, radio, films, television, etc. In the 21st century, called the information world , the mass media plays a very dominant role in the world. Its presence is felt everywhere, even in the remotest corners of the world. No one can escape being affected by it in one way or the other. The media is doing a real service to people by bringing educated and enlightened opinion on social, economic, cultural and political aspects of life. Many programmes on TV, for example, make us aware of many burning issues such as bonded labour, deforestation, drug addiction, global warming and terrorism. Sting operations by media men in our country have exposed the malpractices of many politicians, economic offenders, religious leaders and anti social elements. Programmes like ‘Indian idol’ and ‘Zhalak Dikhla Ja’ have brought together on a common platform artist from different parts of the country, thus promoting national integration. The role of mass media in the global world cannot be ignored. If the world is shrinking to a global village, the credit must go largely to the media. The new technology has now made it possible to show live event such as war, earthquake, a terrorist attack to the world’s people in no time. Through tele conferencing. TV channel are now able to bring people of different countries together to discuss a contentious issue. In spite of overall positive role played by the media, one is appalled at its misguiding role. No one can deny that most of the newspapers, magazines and TV channels are owned and run by business magnets and industrial houses. So the media has been throughly commercialised. The quality of content has given way to cheep popularity and sensationalism. The news and views presented in the press or on TV are doctored and distorted in favour of some person or party .