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1,350 km of water pipes were installed for 7.5 million trees in the Saudi Arabian capital

In a significant undertaking, water pipes spanning 1,350 km are being installed in Riyadh to facilitate the irrigation of 7.5 million trees across the Saudi Arabian capital. This ambitious project forms part of a larger initiative aimed at promoting greener residential areas within the city. The installation of these extensive water pipelines underscores the commitment to environmental sustainability and the importance of preserving and enhancing green spaces.

The irrigation system will contribute to the growth and maintenance of a substantial number of trees, adding to the city’s overall aesthetics and ecological balance. The project showcases the city’s dedication to fostering a more sustainable and livable environment for its residents.

The efficient distribution of water through these pipelines will support the healthy development of the planted trees, ensuring their long-term survival and contributing to a more vibrant urban landscape. The initiative also aligns with broader environmental conservation goals and efforts to combat desertification in the region.