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“Aadudam Andhra” Attracts Over 1.17 Lakh Students in NTR District

The “Aadudam Andhra” sports event has garnered significant participation, with around 1.17 lakh students registering for the competitions across 605 secretariats in the NTR district. The event encompasses five categories, including cricket, volleyball, kabaddi, kho kho, and badminton, with more than 11,000 teams competing.

The competitions will be held at various levels, including secretariat, mandal, constituency, district, and State, offering a platform for students aged 15 and above to showcase their talent. Cash prizes will be awarded to winners at the constituency level, with an overall expenditure of ₹12 crore for the event. The initiative aims to identify and nurture talented students for future participation in national and international sports events.