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AI-Enhanced ‘Ele-fence’ in Wayanad: A Pioneering Effort to Mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict

In a groundbreaking effort to address the escalating human-wildlife conflict in Wayanad, Kerala, the installation of India’s first AI-based smart fence, dubbed ‘Ele-fence,’ is nearing completion. Developed by White Elephant Technologies with support from the Kerala Forest Department, this innovative 70-meter fence employs a combination of real-time monitoring and preventive measures to deter elephants from human habitats.

Equipped with AI-powered trip wires, 4K cameras, and alarm systems, the fence provides early warnings and real-time video feeds to forest control rooms and Rapid Response Teams. Additionally, lasher belt technology and robust steel girders enhance the fence’s physical integrity. By integrating deep insights into elephant behavior, ‘Ele-fence’ aims to offer a more effective solution compared to traditional methods like trenches and solar fencing, with plans to expand its application across vulnerable areas if successful.