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Al Ghaydah airport in Yemen reopened after a 9-year suspension of civil war

The government of Yemen announced the reopening of Al Ghaydah Airport in Al Mahrah province after a nine-year suspension due to the ongoing civil war. The rehabilitation efforts that led to the airport’s reopening were facilitated by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center. The successful reopening of the airport is considered a crucial step forward in war-torn Yemen, offering hope for improved connectivity and economic opportunities despite the challenges.

Al Ghaydah Airport becomes the fourth international airport in Yemen to come under government control and resume flights. The airport’s inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday, and it marks a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to restore transportation and connectivity. Yemen has been facing a protracted civil war, and the reopening of Al Ghaydah Airport is seen as a positive development for the region.

Minister of Transport Abdul-Salam Humaid highlighted the importance of the airport’s reopening and its potential impact on Yemen’s transportation sector and economy. The airport’s resumption of operations is expected to benefit the people of Al Mahrah province and the wider region.

Saudi Arabia’s support and assistance have played a significant role in the rehabilitation process, contributing to the airport’s successful reopening. The renewed operation of Al Ghaydah Airport is hoped to facilitate better movement of people and goods, fostering greater stability and development in Yemen.