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Amputations Rise Amid Gaza’s Struggle for Medical Care

As the Israel-Hamas conflict enters its 12th week, Gaza faces a dire situation, with amputations becoming commonplace due to limited medical facilities. With only nine out of 36 hospitals operational, the lack of basic equipment for surgeries forces war-wounded individuals into heartbreaking decisions. Shaimaa Nabahin, a 22-year-old student, had to choose between losing her left leg or risking death.

The scarcity of vascular surgeons exacerbates the problem, increasing the likelihood of amputations. Gaza’s health system, already strained before the conflict, is now overwhelmed, leaving many with severe injuries unable to access proper treatment.

The situation is compounded by the displacement of 85% of the population and the scarcity of essentials, making recovery for amputees even more challenging. As Gaza grapples with the aftermath of airstrikes and ground offensives, thousands face the profound impact of limb loss, altering their lives irreversibly.