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Centre’s Ban on Rice Export Raises Concerns for Arani and Kalampur Rice Farmers and Mill Owners

The recent ban imposed by the Centre on the export of rice has stirred worry and anxiety among rice farmers and mill owners in Arani, Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu. Arani and Kalampur are major regions known for rice production and export, supplying popular rice varieties to markets in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and all South Indian states.

Ponni, Sona Deluxe, HMT, IR 50, and PTD are some of the main rice varieties produced in these areas, which are highly sought after in foreign markets and Gulf countries. The rice mill owners expressed concerns, stating that there was no price difference between rice supplied to domestic and foreign markets, implying that the ban would adversely impact their profits.

They urged the government to reconsider the ban to safeguard their livelihoods. Moreover, the mill owners also worry about storage facilities as an extended ban may result in a rice surplus, exceeding the capacity of present godowns, leading to potential losses. The rice farming and milling communities of Arani and Kalampur are anxiously awaiting a resolution to address the challenges posed by the export ban.