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Chennai Corporation Increases Daily Wages to ₹687 for All Workers

The Greater Chennai Corporation has taken a significant step by unanimously approving a resolution to raise the daily wages of its workers to a uniform rate of ₹687. This move, mandated by a government order issued on June 16, ensures that the daily wage includes both minimum wages and allowances. This revision results in a monthly salary of ₹17,867, comprising a dearness allowance of ₹4,867 and a basic rate of ₹13,000.

The Corporation’s data revealed that previously, 328 conservancy workers in the general category received daily wages ranging from ₹424 to ₹500, while 2,382 fumigation workers were paid ₹522 per day. Additionally, 47 helpers in the public health department earned ₹513 daily, 16 conservancy workers received ₹522, and 75 dog catchers and 25 cow catchers got ₹461 per day.

These wage structures amounted to an annual cost of over ₹53.34 crore. With the recent wage increase, the expected annual expenditure is estimated to be ₹72.04 crore.