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Chennai Corporation to Reclaim 265 Acres of Kodungaiyur Dumping Ground Using Bio-Mining Technology

The Greater Chennai Corporation Council has passed a resolution to initiate the reclamation of the Kodungaiyur dumping ground in northern Chennai using bio-mining technology. The project is scheduled to commence by the end of October and is expected to be completed within two years. This ambitious undertaking aims to clear 65 lakh tonnes of legacy waste from the 265-acre dump yard, with the resulting refuse-derived fuel being sent to locations like Vijayawada for use in the cement industry.

The biomining process in Kodungaiyur will differ from that in Perungudi due to the higher volume of waste, necessitating the use of higher-capacity machinery. The project will involve multiple units operating at five locations, each processing 1,800 cubic meters of waste daily. Environmental monitoring by Anna University and other agencies will ensure air and water pollution control near residential areas during project implementation.

The reclamation project, estimated at ₹640 crore, received approval from a State-level technical committee, with funding contributions from the Centre, State government, and the Corporation. However, it notably omits the waste-to-energy project, which has faced opposition from NGOs concerned about potential health hazards due to the release of dioxin, nitrogen dioxide, mercury, and sulfur dioxide.