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Chennai Metro Witnesses 25% Increase in Ridership Over Seven Months

Chennai Metro Rail has reported a significant surge in ridership, with a nearly 25% increase in commuter traffic over the past seven months. Daily commuters have risen from 2.13 lakh in January to 2.66 lakh in July. The Chennai Central Metro station, a key transport hub, continues to hold the title of the busiest station, catering to an average of 23,473 passengers daily in July.

Thirumangalam Metro follows closely with an average of 13,934 commuters daily, while Guindy Metro, after integrating with a suburban station, registered 13,112 passengers per day. The Airport Metro, serving southern suburbs residents, witnessed 13,088 commuters, and Thousand Lights Metro was used by an average of 11,219 commuters daily in July.

Chennai Central Metro saw the highest absolute increase, adding 4,114 commuters daily from January to July, followed by Thousand Lights Metro with 3,229 commuters and Guindy Metro with an additional 3,001 commuters daily during the same period.