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Metrowater Laborers’ Union Protests for Demands, Presents 15-Point Charter

The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board Laborers’ Union, affiliated with CITU, organized a protest in the city, highlighting a 15-point charter of demands. The union’s demands encompass issues like securing permanent jobs for contract workers, ceasing the outsourcing of operations, and improving basic facilities.

With around 2,200 workers employed for water supply and sewerage infrastructure maintenance, the union stressed that despite several years of experience, these laborers are without permanent positions and fair wages. The union’s president, G. Beem Rao, advocated for a minimum monthly salary of ₹26,000 for field workers, along with an eight-hour work shift.

The union also urged the board to allocate resources towards enhancing internal manpower and infrastructure rather than outsourcing to private entities. While some demands like better basic facilities were accepted, the demand for permanent jobs will undergo further review. Meetings are scheduled for Friday between the union, other associations, and officials to discuss these matters.