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Complications Arise in Voice Sample Test of Accused in Cash-for-Job Case

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) faces a new challenge in completing the voice sample test of Sujay Krishna Bhadra, a prime accused in the cash-for-school job case in West Bengal. S.S.K.M. Medical College & Hospital in Kolkata informed the ED that Bhadra is currently undergoing treatment with a psychiatrist. The ED is now contemplating its next steps, considering plans to shift Bhadra to the Centre-run ESI Hospital at Joka for both the voice sampling test and future treatment.

Alternatively, the ED is considering Plan B, which involves moving Bhadra to a central hospital outside West Bengal, such as AIIMS-New Delhi or AIIMS-Bhubaneswar.

However, this option requires court permission, with the ED explaining the challenges faced in conducting the test within the state. Bhadra, under treatment at S.S.K.M. since his bypass surgery in August, is a key figure in an investigation directed by the Calcutta High Court to conclude by December 31.