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Tragic Dowry-Related Suicide: Fiancee Arrested in Kerala

In the wake of the alleged suicide of a 26-year-old woman doctor, Shahana, over dowry demands, the Kerala Police have arrested her fiancee, Dr. Ruwais, a postgraduate medical student. The arrest follows revelations that the doctor and his family demanded a substantial dowry, causing distress to Shahana. Dr. Ruwais was removed as the president of the Kerala Medical Post Graduate Association (KMPGA) after the incident came to light.

Shahana’s death has sparked outrage, with the Kerala State Women’s Commission Chairperson P. Sathidevi promising strong action if the dowry allegations are proven true. A suicide note recovered by the police further fueled speculations that dowry issues led to Shahana’s tragic end.

The incident has prompted State Health Minister Veena George to seek a detailed departmental report, while Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan condemned the situation, emphasizing the need for girls to stand against such demands and call off marriages. The police are conducting a thorough investigation, with all eyes on whether Ruwais’s arrest will be officially recorded.