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Cyclone Michaung Follows Path of Five Similar Weather Systems Bringing Heavy Rainfall to Chennai

Chennai has experienced heavy rainfall associated with five weather systems in the Bay of Bengal since 1971 that followed paths similar to Cyclone Michaung. Notable occurrences were in November 1976 and June 1996, with record-breaking rainfall during those periods. Similar tracks were observed in October 1982, November 1984, and October 2005, resulting in heavy downpours in the city.

While the recent rainfall has been significant, meteorologists highlight that Chennai has faced heavy rainfall episodes in the past, emphasizing the city’s vulnerability to intense weather systems. The annual rainfall in Chennai has frequently surpassed the 200 cm benchmark, with increased intensity observed in recent years.

This year alone, Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam have recorded rainfall well above their normal levels. The city’s average annual rainfall has risen, and the recent rainfall is not unprecedented, given historical records and the city’s susceptibility to heavy rains.