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Enhancing Civic Oversight: GCC to Integrate Public Grievance System into Command and Control Centre

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is set to launch an integrated public grievance redress system within its Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) next week. This initiative aims to improve the monitoring of civic issues and enhance feedback mechanisms from residents. Post-launch, ward, and zone-level GCC officials will be unable to close complaints without resolving the underlying grievances. The ICCC personnel will have real-time visibility of civic issues through a video wall dashboard.

This integration responds to complaints from residents who asserted that ward-level officials closed their complaints without addressing the concerns. The new system is expected to streamline service quality and allow senior officials to identify critical civic issues promptly. With around 500 daily complaints across various channels, including the helpline and social media, the GCC anticipates improved efficiency and centralized monitoring of public grievances.

The Citizen Engagement Platform (CEP) will be launched as part of the integration, consolidating various grievance platforms and ensuring efficient redressal within defined service-level agreements.