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Gender Disparity in Sterilisation: Tamil Nadu Reports Significant Imbalance

Health Minister Ma. Subramanian revealed concerning data highlighting a significant gender disparity in sterilisation procedures in Tamil Nadu over the last two and a half years. The statistics indicate that 6,42,048 women underwent tubectomies, whereas only 2,535 men opted for vasectomies during this period.

This stark difference persists, as per the National Family Health Survey-5, which shows female sterilisation rates at 55.6% in urban areas and 59.9% in rural regions, while male sterilisation remains at a mere 0.1%.

The figures reflect a continuation of the trend, with the overall female sterilisation rate in the state at 49.4% during 2015-2016. Minister Subramanian also emphasized the state’s success in controlling total fertility rates, attributing the decline from 2.1 to 1.4 to effective family planning measures. The minister acknowledged achievements in maternal and infant health, presenting awards for excellence in family welfare initiatives within the state’s healthcare system.