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Enhancing Digital Payment Solutions for Indian Migrant Workers: SBIePay and eMigrate Integration

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has taken a significant step towards modernizing emigration processes by signing an MoU with the State Bank of India (SBI) to integrate SBIePay into the eMigrate portal. This collaboration aims to streamline digital payment services for users of the portal, including Indian migrant workers and recruiting agents. By leveraging SBIePay’s robust payment gateway, the initiative seeks to facilitate seamless and secure transactions, enabling users to pay emigration-related fees conveniently using UPI, credit/debit cards, and NEFT through net banking.

This move not only enhances the efficiency of emigration procedures but also supports the overarching goal of ensuring safe and legal migration for Indian workers heading to emigration check required countries. The MoU underscores the government’s commitment to leveraging digital solutions to empower and protect the interests of migrant workers, marking a pivotal advancement in India’s emigration management framework.