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Explosion in Damascus Suburb Leaves Six Dead and 46 Injured

At least six people were killed, and 46 others were injured in an explosion in a suburb south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, as reported by state media. The incident occurred on al-Sudan Street in the al-Sayeda Zainab suburb, where an explosive device planted in a motorcycle near a taxicab was remotely detonated, according to the state-run Syrian TV. Syrian Health Minister Hassan Al-Ghabbash stated that 20 of the wounded had minor injuries and received treatment on the scene, while the rest were taken to hospitals, as per Xinhua news agency.

The immediate response to the tragedy involved 11 ambulances rushing to the site to provide aid. The al-Sayeda Zainab suburb is predominantly Shia and is often visited by Muslim Shia pilgrims, mainly from Iran, who come to perform pilgrimage to holy Shia shrines. Additionally, the Lebanese Hezbollah group also has a presence in the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, reported that the explosive device detonated near a military outpost used by Iran-backed fighters, marking the second explosion in the area within 48 hours. The situation has raised concerns about security and stability in the region, prompting authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly.