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S. Jaishankar and Yoshimasa Hayashi Emphasize Strong India-Japan Partnership

During the India-Japan forum, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar praised Japan as a natural partner in India’s modernization process, citing Japan’s exemplary status as a modernizer and a model of relevance. He highlighted Japan’s significant role in revolutionizing India, such as the Suzuki revolution and the metro revolution, with the ongoing high-speed rail project poised to create an enormous ripple impact upon completion.

Jaishankar also emphasized the importance of addressing critical challenges like missile proliferation, nuclear threats, and terrorism, urging Japan and India to be aligned in their efforts. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi echoed the sentiment, underscoring the need for people-to-people exchanges to expand bilateral ties and promoting the Japan-India tourism year exchange in 2023.

Both leaders acknowledged the partnership between their nations in the UN Security Council, emphasizing their collaboration in the G4 group to address global issues effectively. The strong partnership between India and Japan in various sectors was lauded during the forum, showcasing their mutual commitment to progress and cooperation.