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Greater Chennai Corporation Promotes Waste Segregation with Thiruvalluvar Nagar Campaign

The Greater Chennai Corporation, in collaboration with waste management contractor Urbaser Sumeet, has launched a campaign to encourage source segregation of household waste in Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur. Led by Corporation Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan and his wife, Krithika, the initiative aims to prevent open dumping and waste burning, especially during Pongal and Bhogi festivities.

Commissioner Radhakrishnan emphasized the importance of dedicated bins for wet, dry, and hazardous waste in every household to streamline the efforts of conservancy staff managing around 6,000 tons of waste daily from approximately 80 lakh citizens. The campaign also focused on the proper disposal of hazardous waste, urging residents to discard items like used sanitary napkins separately.

The couple showcased their home waste segregation system, promoting color-coded bins, and advocated for a responsible Bhogi celebration, discouraging the burning of harmful materials. Urbaser Sumeet’s CEO, General Manager, Zone 13 Officer, and Greater Chennai Corporation officials actively participated in the campaign.