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Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in Gaza as Israeli Checkpoint Delays Impede Aid Delivery

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has reported that excessive delays at Israeli checkpoints are severely hampering the delivery of crucial aid, including food, medicines, and water, to the war-torn Gaza Strip. The OCHA highlighted that between January 1-11, only 21% of planned aid deliveries to the north of Wadi Gaza were successful, with two missions forced to cancel or delay due to checkpoint delays.

The situation update emphasized recurring denials of access and lack of coordinated safe access by Israeli authorities, hindering humanitarian responses. The OCHA claimed that access denials in January 2024 marked a significant deterioration compared to December 2023, exacerbating the risk of disease outbreaks and sewage overflows.

Despite international interventions, the flow of aid trucks into Gaza has drastically reduced, contributing to a dire situation in the densely-populated enclave, where the death toll has reached 23,469 and 59,604 people injured as of Friday.