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Israel-Gaza Conflict Enters Prolonged Phase

In a grim escalation of the Israel-Gaza conflict, Israel has informed the United States that its offensive against Hamas is expected to extend beyond several months. The war, triggered by an unprecedented attack from Hamas on October 7, has led to devastating consequences, with the Hamas-run health ministry reporting over 18,700 casualties, predominantly women and children. Israeli forces, determined to dismantle Hamas and rescue hostages, continue their aggressive military campaign, leaving large parts of Gaza in ruins.

Despite U.S. support for Israel, President Joe Biden urged caution to minimize civilian casualties. The UN General Assembly’s call for a ceasefire faced resistance, while the UN agency for Palestinian refugees warned of a potential breakdown of civil order in Gaza. Meanwhile, Gaza’s humanitarian crisis deepens, with over a third of households experiencing severe hunger. Mobile and internet communications blackout adds to the desperation, hindering rescue efforts.

As international concerns rise, the conflict’s impact extends to the West Bank, where violence surges and Hamas gains increased support, further weakening the Palestinian Authority. Amid these dire circumstances, fears of a broader regional conflict persist, with Yemen’s Huthi rebels claiming responsibility for a Red Sea cargo ship attack, citing solidarity with the Palestinian cause.