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Israeli Military Begins Evacuating Palestinians from Rafah

Israel’s armed forces have initiated the evacuation of Palestinian civilians from Rafah, signaling a possible ground assault on the southern Gazan city. While the military has not confirmed the reports, Army Radio stated that evacuations are focused on peripheral districts of Rafah, with evacuees directed to tent cities in nearby Khan Younis and Al Muwassi. The Israeli military called on Palestinians in eastern parts of Rafah to move to a nearby “humanitarian area” as part of what seems to be the start of a civilian evacuation preceding a ground offensive.

The army is using posters, text messages, phone calls, and media announcements to encourage gradual civilian movement to specified areas, particularly Muwasi, which now includes expanded assistance such as field hospitals, tents, food, and water. This action comes amid fragile cease-fire talks and ahead of a highly anticipated ground offensive against Hamas militants, with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warning of “a powerful operation in the very near future in Rafah.”