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Jammu and Kashmir Government to Clear 2,000 Pending Appointments for Kin of Militancy Victims

The Jammu and Kashmir government has made a significant decision to clear 2,000 appointment cases that were pending under SRO 43 for the kin of militancy victims, border shelling/firing victims, and government employees who died in the line of duty. SRO 43 pertains to compassionate appointments in government service for such individuals.

The government introduced a new policy for compassionate appointments from January 1, 2023, shifting to a merit-based criteria for such posts, akin to the central government’s pattern. This decision will lead to the creation of 2,000 jobs and provide relief to victims of militancy and border incidents who had been awaiting compassionate appointments.

Under the new scheme, vacancies and eligible candidates will be selected on a quarterly basis based on a point-based merit system, ensuring transparency and accountability in the process. The appointments will be for multi-tasking staff or equivalent non-gazetted cadre posts in government departments.